Saturday, October 29, 2011

R2D2 Halloween Costume!

This year Tristan wanted to be R2D2 and we were unable to find any costumes in his size. Matt and I decided to take it upon ourselves and make his costume- It certainly wasn't perfect, but the smile on Tristan's face was all worth it!!!

To make the hat, we went to the thrift store and found a large tupperware bowl and a kid's size helmet. We spray painted both of them silver and then hot glued them together. We used a paper towl roll for the circular embellishments (also spray painted silver) and blue, silver, and red paint for the other embellishments.

To make the body, we also got things from the thrift store; a small, collapsible laundry hamper  (this particular one was in the shape of a frog) and a XXL men's white t-shirt. We cut out 2 holes in the hamper for the arms, and slipped the t-shirt over it. Then we folded the white into the hamper (sleeves also) and hot glued everything together. Then using blue and silver felt we cut out the shapes that go on R2D2. We used a sharpie to draw the correct lines on the sides, too.

To make the arms, we got a large cardboard box and cut out the correct shape and painted it accordingly. We used velcro to keep them on; he was attending a fall festival at school, and knowing there would be a jolly jumper I wanted to make sure he could take them off easily and not ruin them.

Then we used white karate pants (from his costume last year, ha!) and viola! You got R2D2: )

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