Saturday, June 16, 2012

Preschool graduate!!

Tristan has been at this preschool since he was 2 years old. It was so hard to say goodbye to his teachers, his classroom, and his friends. His school has been such an inspiration to him and an amazing foundation. He has learned so much here!

I volunteered to create a little graduation ceremony for this kids. We had a blast! 

For the graduation hats, you will need:
-Styrofoam bowls
-Black paint
-Rainbow scratch-off black paper
-Hot glue

First I painted the bowls black and let them dry. Next, I wrote words and names on the rainbow scratch paper (the kids can even do this themselves). After the bowls were dry, I hot glued them together. String thread together and tie a knot at the bottom and hot glue on the top of the hat. Then, punch holes on each side on the bottom and string elastic through them so the hats will stay on. 

The kids loved them!

We also made flower pot appreciation gifts for the teachers- I saw this idea on Pinterest:)

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